Crane Trucks

With our Crane Trucks we have the ability to deliver or pick to and from site materials up to 7 meters long and 3.5 tonne in weight and are able to lift 1 tonne at 12 meters from the truck. The Crane Trucks can also be used to lift materials to the 2nd or 3rd floor of buildings, over fences and to many other inacesable places.

10 Tonne Crane Truck: with 12 metre/tonne crane, Lift 2900kg @4 metres & 1000kg @12 metres

Truck and Forklift for delivery or pick up of pallets & crates from site

Our Moffett Rough Terrain Forklift is mounted on the back of our truck and is hydrostatic all-wheel drive for excellent manoeuvrability on residential and industrial job sites. It is ideal for the delivery of palletised materials such as tiles, bricks, cement, statues or any product that requires a forklift for loading/unloading on paved and semi-rough surfaces.


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